December 7, 2012


Warning: What you are about to read is not the usual occasions of joy stuff but it's a must that I share this to protect the cab riding public and most specially to get the attention of LTFRB.

I rode a taxi, with plate number UVD 431, last October 19, 2012 at 6pm from Aquinas School going to Ortigas.

Me: Kuya, Ortigas lang po.
Driver: Plus thirty ha!
Me: (quietly sitting and not saying a word)
Driver: Plus thirty po tayo ha.
Me: Kuya, diba may P40 na, para saan po ang plus thirty?
Driver: (rudely talking) ang traffic e. Di nga sana kita isasakay e.
Me:  Naku, Kuya, diba bawal yan. Ako naman ay may kusang tao. Madalas nga po, pag mabait ang driver binibigyan ko pa ng food at water. Tingnan muna natin kung traffic nga.
Driver: (rudely murmuring and recklessly driving) basta, plus thirty tayo ha.
Me: (quietly sitting then txtd my Lani to save UVD 431. Sensing something bad about this driver, I called my husband) Dad, I'm almost at my destination, please save this taxi plate UVD 431.

When we arrived at my destination, he was still rudely reminding me of the plus thirty.
Me: Kuya, di naman ako nag-agree dyan sa plus thirty mo. Tsaka bawal yan.
Driver: Ah basta, plus thirty.
Me: Alam mo Kuya kung mabait ka lang, di lang plus thirty ibibigay ko sayo.

Then he shoved my left shoulder using his right hand. He was pushing me out of the cab.
Driver: Baba! Baba!Baba na!
Me: Ah mali yan, bakit mo ko tinutulak. Pag -usapan natin to ng tama. Teka, tatawag lang ako ng guard. Mas mabuting i-settle ito ng tama.(I waved to the guards and the people, unfortunately no one seem to understand me)
Driver: Baba! Baba!Baba na! (Pushing me harder out of the cab)
Me: Hindi, Kuya, pag-usapan natin to. Bastos ka e, Recless driver pa, at bakit mo ko tinutulak.

The right door was already open because I was waving and calling out to the guards when this rude driver drove so fast while pushing me out of the cab. I almost fell out of the door. Then he stopped and shoved me harder out of the cab. I realized that this driver will kill me if I don't alight from the cab, so i went down hurriedly.

When I reached home after 2 hours, my husband accompanied me at Mandaluyong Police Station. I reported the incident but was told to go to San Juan Police Station because it's their jurisdiction. At San Juan Police Station, PO3 Clifford Hipolito assisted us well. He promised to raise the incident to LTFRB since it is an LTFRB case. It's almost 2 months now, I am still waiting for LTFRB to give me feedback about this cab driver and its operator.

And by the way, I txtd LTFRB about this terrifying incident last October 19, 2012 at exactly 11:40pm. E, ni who's this please wala man lang txtback. KNOCK KNOCK, LTFRB, MAY TAO PO BA SA OPISINA NYO?

I've decided to write about this horrifying incident to get the attention of LTFRB para naman mabawasan ang mga LOKONG DRIVERS NA YAN!  Kasi kung hindi, di mababawasan ang mga nakakasindak na insidenteng ganito...Re-posting the article below I read from an FB friend's wall early this morning.

  • DUKE EZEKIEL TAXI UVZ404 (046)4840006, 7PM MOA: This is a 1st hand experience. I came from Heritage Hotel, hailed a cab going to MOA:
    Me: Kuya MOA po
    Taxi: Plus...
    50 ho ma'am
    K: Baket po?
    T: Traffic ho eh
    K: sira po ba metro nyo?
    T: Hindi ho
    K: I-metro na lang kuya kasi ayan o (pointing to opposite road), Hindi po traffic. Sa MOA area po ako araw-araw memorize ko na po ang traffic dito.
    Driver agreed and drove. We got to MOA and meter flashed P57.50 to which I gave P100 expecting to get a change of P40. Driver said he doesn't have change and showed me a wad of P100 bills. I said I will try to exchange for smaller bills from the store across. He said "ok pero hindi ko ititigil yung metro ha". Sensing that this wasn't going anywhere I quietly wrote down his details (painted on the door) then gave him my P100. I said, "Kuya ito na po ang P100 so basically parang nagdagdag nga ko tala sa inyo. Next time po magdala kayo ng panukli kasi taxi po kayo". I went down and took photos of his cab. When he saw me taking photos, he went to me, towered over me and said "Maam ano hong problema nyo?" to which I replied "ang problema ko Kuya, wala kayong panukli kaya irereklamo ko kayo". Driver said "kung magrereklamo kayo maam halika sasamahan ko pa kayo pero sinabi ko na sainyo wala ako panukli di ba!" Then I said "ay wag na ho kasi napicturan ko na naman kayo so irereklamo ko na lang kayo sa kinauukulan". Driver said in a loud voice "o sige eh di magreklamo ka,para malaman mo kung Sino ang me ari ng taxi na to!" furious I shouted "ah at tine-threaten mo pa ko ha! Guard, guard hinaharass ako nitong driver na to! Bumaba pa sya sa taxi nya para tanungin kung anong problema ko at ngayon tinatakot pa ako!" A guard came over, driver was explaining that 'he does not have barya" then another guard came. This time driver said "di ko nga po alam ano problema nya kasi binabalik ko na yung pera nya oh, ito na pera mo!" I said "excuse me Kuya ngayon nyo lang binalik yan, pero sayo na yan kasi wala na kong pakialam dyan dahil nga sabi mo wala kang panukli di ba. Basta ang gagawin ko irereklamo kita!" He kept yapping and yapping then drove off. If he wasn't greedy in the first place, I would've let it go. But to say that you have no "loose change" just to clearly extort money is deception, and I will not let it pass.


  1. Grabe. So far, lahat naman ng nasasakyan ko pang cab is okay and just like you, if mabait yung cab driver, nagdadagdag din talaga ako huwag lang yung hihingan kaagad pagsakay pa lang...

    1. Hi sis Gellie! Always pray before riding a cab ha. Take care always.

  2. The reason those numbers are called "hotlines" is you'll be hot with rage before they will act.

  3. That's why I always text the details of the cab to a friend pagsakay palang. mahirap na! Thank God that you're safe after that horrible incident.


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