March 11, 2013

Alternative 7th Birthday Party Ideas

In the Philippines, most parents would celebrate their kids 7th birthday with a big party. For our kids' respective 7th birthdays, John and I wanted it low key and focus on what Julia, Rafael and Juan really wanted and how they wanted their birthdays to be celebrated. They didn't want a big celebration. They specifically told me that they just wanted to bring snacks for their classmates. So I gave what they wanted. Since we will not be spending a lot for this school simple party, John and I decided to give our kids 7 birthday gifts for each of them. Buti na lang tatlo lang anak namin. Imagine. kung anim...

Posting this for Tetcha and other parents who are thinking of an alternative 7th birthday party ideas. 

1.  Let them choose 7 toys or gifts that they have been eyeing for the longest time. Keeping it a secret is optional for added excitement on the day of the kids birthday. To keep it a secret, you may require the help of the toy shops' sales personnel.

Rustan's  Shangri-la Mall's Friendly Sales Staff

2.  Bring Snacks for the Classmates, Teachers and School Staff.  Since the children spend more time (5 days a week) with the people in school, the birthday will be much appreciated by the kids himself or herself because he or she will be celebrating it with the people close to her or him, not to Mom's and Dad's friends.

3. Throw a short program.  If the school will allow it, throwing a short program will add extra fun.  You may do so by hiring a magician or a clown. If on a budget, ask a friend to host or better yet, host it for your child. Your kiddo will be very proud if you take the initiative in hosting the simple program. Here's a short program that you may follow:
                   1.  Prayer - (You may ask the teacher to lead the prayer or the host will lead the prayer)
                   2.  Candle Blowing
                  3.  Games - At least 5 short and fast games like bring me, longest happy birthday, 
                                       treasure hunt.
                   4.  Magic Show - Optional                   


  1. my daughter is turning 7 next month. i'm looking for a budget-friendly tips for birthday parties and i stumbled to your blog. thanks for sharing these alternatives.

    my daughter has been prodding me to celebrate her birthday in a resort where she can enjoy swimming and eat her favorite food. We'll definitely do that. but I like your idea of giving 7 gifts that the celebrant has been wishing. I might consider that but she has a long wish list and some of them needs more time as well as money hehe. perhaps, I'll choose the ones that her Papa and I can afford at the moment...

    Thanks, Joy!

  2. Thanks, Wena, for dropping by here.

  3. Wow is that you, doing the magic trick? Cool!


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