March 7, 2013

Essential Tools for Marriage

While having lunch with my friend Riza at Cafe Jeepney,  I noticed this pretty young lady in pink. I approached her and asked to have her photo taken for my fashion blog. We talked and I learned that Chairee is based in Singapore. She just went back to the Philippines to spend her birthday with her grandparents. What a sweet granddaughter!

I figured since I already asked her too many questions, I requested  if I can meet her grandparents, which she granted gracefully.

Sir Romulo, 77 years old, and Ma'am Basilia, 75 years old, have been married for 50 years now. In this age, where conflict of personalities and priorities push marriages to collapse easily, it's an honor to have a short but meaningful conversation with Mr. and Mrs. Tiangsing.

When asked how they kept their marriage intact, both agreed that the essential tool for any marriage is give and take.  And that any relationship will not last long if one is just a taker. Mrs. Tiangsing even added, "dapat pareho kayong committed, bigayan lang para maayos ang pagsasama. Pag mainit ulo nya, tahimik lang ako. Ganun din naman sya."

"Marriage should be a duet - when one sings, the other claps"

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