May 20, 2013

Family Dinner at MESA in Robinson's Magnolia

Though Ross invite for a family dinner at Mesa in Robinson's Magnolia was quite a rush, I didn't mind going because I'd like to see this new mall located in Aurora Blvd., Quezon City.  My plan was to take some photos and  just have a juice since I'm trying to cut down weight by not eating much at night, then roam around the mall and see what it offers. Well, my plan did not materialize. Mesa's great-tasting Filipino cuisine held me and convinced me that tomorrow's another day to diet.

We were warmly greeted by Mesa's Operations Director , Mr. Alex Zuzon. I like that Mesa's staff and crew were very attentive, especially when we asked for a glass of water. When dining out, my family always start with water while waiting for the main course.

Then we were immediately offered refreshments

What we had:
Sinigang na Salmon Head
Shrimp on the rocks
It was funny (or dumb?) of me for mistaking the rocks into ube...

Baked scallops with parmesan
Pinatayong manok and Tinapa roll

Prawns Lemon Butter
Bagoong rice
Tinapa rice
Two-way Laing: Dry and wet
Crispy boneless pata

Crunchy Leche flan
Flat turon with ice cream on the side

Aside from good food, Mesa's interiors fed my eyes well enough. Furnitures are all from Cebu, which is known for exporting fine and artistic craftsmanship. 

For an intimate time with family and friends, Private Function Rooms, such as this, are available
(minimum consumable amount of P5,000 is required).

3rd Level of Robinson's Magnolia
Doña Hemady Ave., Valencia, Quezon City New Manila

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