May 2, 2013

Tattoo Talk - Issy and Rachel

I have always been fascinated with the art of tattoo. Though I do not own one, I admire those who go through the process of turning their body into a walking piece of art.

Featuring today the first of the many series of Tattoo Talk.

Meet friends  Rachel Bautista and Issy Cruz. I met these young and beautiful ladies in Market Market while buying Krokketen.

Rachel's tattoo at the back is a colorful owl.  
tattoo on her right arm, well I actually forgot to ask her. 

Issy's tattoo speaks about love, love, love. At her back, Issy with wings.

"I was influenced by my brother to get one and then I got hooked. 
My tattoos are about phrases that I live by"


  1. GUESS what?! I will have mne on my Birthday~~ ;) i want an OWL and a BUTTERFLY! ;)

  2. oh,i love the tattooed phrase! i want!

    1. I want one, too, but maybe in my next life...


Thank you for the joyful comments!