June 11, 2013

The Extreme Magic of Singing

Singing is not one of my strongest features but I sing a lot regardless of the voice quality I do have!  I sing inside the bathroom while bathing. I sing when I'm happy. I sing when I'm sad. I even sing while cooking

My husband knew how much I  love singing so he gave me an Xtreme Magic Sing some years back. We use it when friends drop by, when we feel like partying and dancing or even when we don't feel like doing anything (uy, parang kantang Lazy song lang, lol!). 

Singing like a true concert queen is much different with the way I sing but it doesn't matter because the extreme magic of singing does not end for the sole purpose of having a good voice or as the saying goes, for art's sake.  Singing has many benefits in terms of physical, mental, emotional and social aspects.

Physically,  singing exercises our lungs, heart, intercostal muscles and our diaphragm thus giving the immune system a boost enabling us to fight diseases.  Singing  can improve sleep and some research even claim that singing can help decrease the problem of snoring.  

When a person sings, he or she becomes more mentally alert which helps in reducing negative feelings, such as  anger, depression and anxiety.

Emotionally, singing increases confidence, self-esteem, positive feelings, creativity and healing of emotional pain.

Socially, singing brings people together.  Group singing is a great form of bonding, sharing and laughing.

Kaya ano pa ang hinihintay? Kanta na and enjoy the extreme benefits of singing!

Out in the market today are different brands of karaoke gadgets, so why choose  Xtreme Magic Sing brand? Allow me to enumerate the reasons: It has better visuals or better video quality and presentations, it has games, bigger song library and it is durable.

But don't just take my word, go get yourself an Xtreme Magic Sing. It is available in major malls. Below are different Xtreme Magic Sing products, its respective features and prices that you might want to check out:

Xtreme Magic Sing Diamond HD (ET 23KH) 
 2 Digital Wireless Microphones with controls
 It has 2,627 Built-in songs mixed of English and OPM songs (with Classic< modern and Latest Hits sung by : Maroon 5, Bruno Mars, Carly Rae Jepsen, Rhianna, PSY and more.
 With built-in HD Picture and Video Backgrounds
 Real-time search by Title, Artist and 1st Lyric line 
 HD Movie Player (any format), Photo Viewer and Music Player 
 Unlimited Song Recording via Internal memory that can able to transfer directly into your USB device in MP3 format
 Plug And Play into any kind of TV (CRT, LCD or LED because of Dual Video Output (RCA jack and HDMI cable connections)
 USB 2.0 slot for USB device (Flash drive up to 16GB or Hard Disk Drive up to 1 Terra-Byte
 Personalized playlist saved up to 100 songs
 Personalized Picture and Video Backgrounds via USB device
 4 Song chip slots
 2 Years warranty (Parts and Service)
 FOR ONLY P 19,899


Xtreme Magic Sing Platinum (ET 23 KM)
 1 Digital Wireless Microphone with controls and FREE High-quality wired  microphone.
 It has 2,422 Built-in songs mixed of English and OPM songs (with Classic, Modern and Latest Hits sung by : Maroon 5, Rhianna, The Script , Talylor Swift and more..
 80 Picture Backgrounds Local & International Sceneries.
 Real-time Searching by Title and Artist
 Plug and Play into your TV (RCA connection)
 Recording function via Recording chip (optional item, 100 minutes)
 Socket Provision for any dynamic wired or wireless microphones.
 Personalized Playlist up to 100 songs
 6 Song chip slots for additional songs.
 External Video function using Live video source (Video-Camera or Player)
 8 Interactive Games
 2 years warranty(parts and service)
 FOR ONLY P15,499


Xtreme Magic Sing Karat (NEW)
 1 Portable Videoke Microphone with controls 
 It has 2,300 Built-in songs mixed of English and OPM songs (with Classic, Modern and Latest Hits sung by : Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and more..
 Plug and play into your TV (RCA Jack connection)
 Real-time Searching by Title and
 Recording function via Recording chip (100 minutes of recording, optional item)
 8 interactive Games
 Personalized playlist up to100 songs
 4 Song chip slots
 2 years warranty (Parts and service)


  1. I am thinking of buying this one. I actually was an addict of videoke, though my voice is like only-mother-could-appreciate voice. :)


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