June 21, 2013

World War Z

There are far too many zombie movies produced to take an accurate count.  All those movies have the following in common; the undead, the running, the biting and so on and so forth. The only difference between those zombie movies and World War Z, the latter has BRAD PITT! I don't want to be bias, but yeah, admittedly - I'm bias for I LOVE BRAD! I can't even remember how many zombie movies I've watched. What I can remember is that I've slept in the movie house in many of those movies...not in World War Z. Even though I'm so tired and slept only for 3 hours, I was wide awake watching Brad (oh my Brad!).

The movie is based on a book that was a best-seller a year ago. As always, the book has more to offer than the movie. But don't let that put you off, it's still a good movie to watch...especially if you're a Brad Pitt fan (just like ME!).

I wouldn't mind being chased by zombies...
for as long as I'm running side by side and holding hands
with Brad (oh my Brad!).


  1. Replies
    1. pareho kayo ng sis ni john, johnny depp din. may upcoming movie sya...

  2. It's really you. you na you talaga, haha. I pictured the first photo like you're really at the scene, haha. Ganda, aliw ako don sa photo. medyo nakulangan lang ako don sa left hand position, dapat naka position like brad.


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