July 15, 2013

Choosing a Party Theme Tips and Ideas

I like wearing wigs when I host children's parties. The feeling of having a different look transports me into a different dimension - giving me that elated and wondrous experience.  As suggested by my friend, Jingle, I asked my guests to wear a wig for my 40th birthday celebration. I want to see them in a different perspective and see how they feel knowing that most - or probably, all of them will be wearing a funny, colorful and odd wigs for the very first time.

My sisters-in-law, Ate Peth and Ate Gaye

Even my Aunt, Tita Be, and cousin, Kuya Nogo joined the fun by wearing their colorful-curly wigs
My friend, Jingle and Julia wore wigs with same shade.

My friends, Agnes and Ainie are two of the most mahinhin and mahiyain, but hey, they joyfully flaunted their chin-length orange and pink wigs respectively.

Nora and Lyn allotted one day to find the perfect wigs for them. Nora's short-length wig fits her nice. Lyn's mala Jean Grey wig earned her the best look for the night.

Young couple Jomes and Rhaine, ala-Rock stars wigs were so cool.

My niece, Chumcy wore the wig I'm supposed to wear.  Nora and Lyn bought it for me,
 unfortunately it didn't fit me well because of my long hair

Rafael with blue curly wigs

My BDJ  girlfriends - Nikki, Beth and Zen

Star - the host

With my friend, Neil and John

Not everyone wore a wig but the celebration was a joyful one as I got to celebrate my big 40 with the people that made a lasting contribution in my four decades on earth.

My tips and ideas in choosing a party theme or motif:

1.  Choose a theme that is close to your heart. It may be a hobby or something of your interest.

2.  Choose a theme that people are aware of and common to make it easier for guests to arrive in appropriate costumes. 

3. You may combine several themes to make your party as fun as possible and be remembered for years to come.

4. Themes help focus attention on a unifying factor which will pull the whole party much fun and livelier. 

5. Remember to incorporate your theme into all areas of the party, such as the venue, invitations, the registration, the food, the decorations, entertainment, cake and favors.

The possibilities are endless. Be as creative as you can. Remember to have fun even if other guests arrive not following your party theme.  It's their presence that matters most.

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  1. I think otherwise, di bagay sa kin. I look big hehehe..
    Wig party is colorful, dapat nag cosplay outfit ako haha.


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