September 19, 2013

Most Beautiful and Dancing in the 80s

Hormonal imbalance is at its peak once more. I've been feeling low lately.  This means no happy powers runs through my veins and I feel ugly in and out.  Then I read this from Christine Carranza del Rosario's FB Wall:

"My youngest daughter went home so excited today. She said she's nominated for being most beautiful girl in her class. They were asked to raise their hands for voting.  With big smiling eyes she said her classmate got 8 votes and she got 4 votes.  She said, o diba mommy I am beautiful and smiled revealing her dimples. Clearly her classmate won but I am happy for her joy of simply being nominated as most beautiful. I hugged her and said, of course you're the most beautiful baby".

I met 7 year old Stephanie, along with her Mom at Novo Hair event. She is amazingly joyful, pretty and smart. 

Reading stories like this makes me want to go back being a kid because children find beauty in everything. Their happiness are pure and radiates from within.

Here's another story from Juancho last week as we were about to  go on a date:

Juancho: Mom, you look like dancing in the '80s.
Me: (actually feeling ugly with what I was wearing but has no energy to dress up)
        Dancing in the 80's? Maybe I should go back and change na lang?
Juancho: No na, Mommy.
Me: But you said I look like dancing in the 80s. What if somebody sees me, I look ugly and I feel ugly.
Juancho: It's okay, Mom. You don't look ugly naman.  You just look like dancing in the 80s. It's like you're going to exercise. And if somebody sees you and they say you're ugly, it's okay. It's not your problem. It's their problem kasi they're the ones saying that. And don't worry, Mom, you're  not ugly, you just look like dancing in the 80s.

Because of what Juancho said, I vow not to wear that attire again. I'm going to burn it and flush its ashes down (lol).

"Children make you want to start life over."
  ~Muhammad Ali


  1. no, you look like dancing in 2013. :p

    those were really inspiring words from children!

  2. Of course sarap maging bata walang iniisip na problema ang aalalahanin lang ay ang maglaro, kumain at makikipagkulitan sa mga nakakatanda.


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