September 25, 2013

Relaxing Las Farolas

The recent typhoons constrained us to do our favorite family bonding - travel.  We miss seeing the sea and amazing sea creatures. Good thing there's Las Farolas to break the boredom at home. 

Las Farolas is a fairly new place that houses exotic fresh water fishes.  They take very good care of the fishes here as the whole place is air-conditioned. Plus, they provide sounds that is relaxing even I felt relaxed with just minutes of walking and looking at aquariums.  

View more photos at : TRAVELS OF JOY

Address: Frontera Verde Drive, Frontera Verde, Barangay Ugong, Pasig City
Operated by: HGB Moment Philippines, Inc. in collaboration w/ Ortigas & Company Limited Partnership

Tel.#: (632) 826-8162 / (632) 820-3013
Fax: (632) 820-3863
Operating hours: 9am - 7pm Mon - Sun

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