October 1, 2013

Text Scam

How many times have you received text messages stating you've won a million or maybe a text saying this is my new roaming number, and then the sender will ask you to send this and that? I'm pretty sure that this happened to you too.

So what do you do when you receive this text scam? Ignore, don't mind or delete the message and continue whatever it is you're doing.

Since I wasn't doing anything much last week, I replied to the message above saying what you're doing is wrong. Aba'y akalain mong nag textback pa ulit si kolokoy ng...

On a serious note, it is sad that many have fallen for such scams.  To avoid being a victim, here are tips from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) 

First clue: the source of the text message is just an ordinary 11-digit mobile number instead of the special four-digit numbers.

Second clue: the message would claim that the recipient won in a raffle they never knew they took part.

Third clue: the message urges the recipient to claim his or her “prize” quickly. The DTI said promos usually give the winner 60 days to claim the prize.

To report a text scam, call DTI Direct Hotline at 751-3330 or visit http://www.dtincr.ph/verifysalespromo.php.


  1. aba akalain mo mag sorry! haha

    1. ang galang pa, nag po pa. yan ang pinoy, kahit nanloloko magaling pa din.


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