November 25, 2013

A Rose Like No Other

I'm the kind of person who easily gets comfortable with people but not with her...

I met her when I worked for Medicard Philippines in 1999.  Anne, my co-HR Assistant, asked me to deliver documents to Mrs. Chan via her secretary. Anne said, "dalin mo kay Ms. Rose, mabait yun. Hintayin mo na para pirmahan agad ni Mrs. Chan". 

I followed as instructed. Upon reaching Ms. Rose table, "Hi, Ms. Rose, this is for signature of Mrs. Chan." Ms. Rose replied without flinching an eye, "lagay mo dyan!". I replied with a worried voice, "sabi po ni Anne hintayin ko na". She replied, " balikan mo na lang!".

Went back to Anne, hurt and disappointed, "sabi mo mabait, ang sungit e!". That was 14 years ago. We eventually became friends because she has no choice but to endure my sweetness and thoughtfulness and beauty (hehehe! di nga pala about me ang topic na ito).

Today, Ms. Rose, Madam Rosa, my children's Godmother, my friend, turns 60.  I'm usually armed with a lot of words but right now all I can say is that I'm joyful having her for a friend. She never fail to remind how lucky I am to be me even though at times I question myself. She's a rose like no other, always uplifting my spirit.

Happy 60th Birthday!!! I love you, Madam Rosa!!!

 "A single rose can be my garden...
 a single friend, my world." 

~Leo Buscaglia

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