November 21, 2013

Revlon Roaming Limousine

Today is a day I reserved for helping John supervise the house we're building. Then at around 12nn I got a call from Joy Felizardo of for a Revlon Makeover. I was actually thinking of having my hair colored so even if I was too busy, I gave in to the super rush invite (Thanks, Tukayo!)

I didn't know what the event is. I just found this black, customized Revlon Limo...

Inside the Limo
The Revlon Roaming Limousine is an On-Ground awareness, trial, sampling and selling platform, which aims to engage customers with a personal touch. To experience the Limo Makeover, a customer must purchase Revlon products first. The activity will be deployed in business hubs, universities and colleges so watch and be ready to prettify yourself, just like what they did to me this afternoon. Thanks a lot, Revlon!

Before the makeover, I looked like I needed a bed with those sleepy eyes and unruly hair
After the makeover - I'm party ready!

Revlon Cosmetics has been in the forefront of beauty products since the 1930s.  With Revlon's continuous innovation and revitalizednefforts it has grown a large number of worldwide markets that attributesnto the companies success and maintaining leadership in the industry.


  1. hi joy any minimum purchase? kc i only do my brows so yun lang pinaka make up ko and i really like revlon's brow pencil and highligh in 1 pero baka may minimum purchase required before i could also try that limo ride wahahah

  2. Hang ganda! Artistahin! Commented earlier, not sure though kung pumasok comment ko. Your site is loading perfectly in my end, all images shpw up and no clickable ads or video


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