November 6, 2013

The Must Have Hair Cut For Men

Hot trends in Men’s Hair cuts for Fall have come a long way since the messy “just rolled out of bed look’’ that was favoured by the Summer.  Hot weather will inspire us to look towards festivals and easy living while Winter and Fall makes us think of sharp tailored Winter coats and equally as sharp haircuts for men.  It’s with this thinking that trends are moving towards a more masculine and groomed way of thinking with trends taking on various different interpretations of the classic pompadour hairstyle.  Such hairstyles are based around classic short back and sides barbering but with a modern twist. These styles do tend to be aggressively short on the sides and top, almost military in their sharpness. The good thing is these style, although aggressive, still lend themselves well to a professional work environment or formal event as, in fact, the masculinity of the cut is only emphasized with a suit. 

Without a doubt the hottest look of Spring/Summer 2013 was the Rockabilly and don’t expect this trend to go away for fall, or even next year, as it’s here to stay. This SS it was all about length, keeping a decent comb-over at the top, but for this AW think of it a Rockabilly boy gone military with a short top. This style means shaving, quite aggressively, close to the sides and back (use hair clippers for salons, this style is perfect with Wahl clippers, set at 0 for the closest skin contact you can get). When using the clippers go quite high up the head and allow for minimal blending between the sides and the top, the key is to exaggerate a little the length on top.

So that this doesn’t look like a variation of the “step” haircut you can achieve some definition through styling.  Apply some heat and style the hair upwards finishing with a styling product to hold it. From the front this haircut looks ideal for the working professional man but from the sides you can see how aggressively short it is and how it’s the perfect nod to this season’s must have haircut for men. 

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