December 8, 2013

Connecting is Easy with Smart Post Paid Plan

Having a Smart Postpaid plan for 14 years now has its many advantages. First, I don't have to worry about going out anytime of the day to load. Second, I get to have a phone for free every two years. Most importantly, my friends and loved ones get to contact me even if we've lost communication for years.  This is what happened with my friend, Dothie.

Dothie and I last saw each other about 10 years ago. We lost communication as she changes phones twice a year (or more) and I became busy as a mom, blogger, events planner and of course wife (kunyari!).

Last February, I received a txt from an unknown number...

Sender:  Hi! Are you Joy Alberto?
Me: Well, I used to be because I now go by the name  Joy Mendiola. Who's this please?
Sender: I thought I saw you in a Yes and OK magazine with a Nesvita advertisement of 10 Most Beautiful.
Me: Oh, yeah I'm beautiful (lol). Who's this please?
Sender: It's great that you haven't changed number. I just had to try if you're still using the same.
Me: Ok, so who's this please?

The rest they say is history. Dothie and I now get to go on a date every time our schedules meet. You see, connecting is easy with Smart Post Paid Plan.

Dothie even brought Yes Magazine where she saw me.
See, I'm not just bragging, I'm Nesvita's 10 Most Beautiful (wink)

I'm hoping and praying that Vina will find my Smart number too, so we can  be complete again, haven't seen her since after graduation in 2006

For now, Vina is substituted by my sister, err, daughter Julia


  1. I wouldn't be surprised seeing you in magazines. I just found one in my old Smart Parenting issue. I am thinking of switching now to Smart. Please keep that number forever so I can still call you in case we lost each others contact. :)

  2. 10 most beautiful! i agree Ü i miss smart though Ü


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