December 2, 2013

How Would You Like To Go

We just arrived from our weekend getaway when upon opening our internet a sad news was all over the internet - Paul Walker passed away in a tragic car accident while attending a charity event for his organization Reach Out Worldwide!

Paul died at the age of 40.  So young and while on top of his game.

Photo Courtesy: Paul Walker FB Fan Page

I remember 20 years ago when my husband (who was just my boyfriend back then) asked...

John: How would you like to go?
Me: Go? What?
John: How would you like to die, if you have a choice?

(I was stunned at the question. I couldn't open my lips to answer him)

John: I'd like to leave earth saving people, they don't have to be any one I know. I just want to die while saving people because then I know that my life was worth it.

This is what happened to Paul. On his last day on earth he didn't die in vain. He was on a mission to help the Filipinos who were affected by Typhoon Yolanda. His death may have come too soon but he will be remembered well.  Dying with a purpose is the best way to go.

Well, I'm actually hoping that the "other Paul's in the Philippines" will have the heart to do the same and not just make their asses fat using the money that should be spent for the Philippines and its constituents. Who are these other Pauls? They are the POL-iticians and na-POL-es.

Mabuti pa si Paul Walker na ibang lahi may pagmamalasakit sa ating mga kababayan. Sana tubuan ng konsensya ang mga mapagpangggap na tao sa ating lipunan.

So, how would you like to go?

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  1. I was also surprised to hear the news and thought it was another hoax until I checked CNN, the only network that I trust. I read it in other bloggers but never clicked and believe their story.

    John's answer would be my answer too should you ask me the same question. You make sense here and what really amaze me is that, how you put a little humor, I mean a very good insert putting those f$%^&$# in our government! They're are one battallion of b___t men!

    Thank you for another wonderful getaway with a wonderful family. That was reallllllly realllly awesome! and unloading stress via ice. HOping we could this more often, but moderated. LOL for a while, was destress from local news and Yolanda stories.

    blogging here,



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