December 6, 2013

My Own Hungry Juan

Juan is my youngest son. He is named Juan for 2 reasons. First, from the Filipino version of his dad's nickname, John. Secondly because Juan is born without a twin unlike his twin sibling Rafael and Julia, he's the only Juan (lol).

Juan is such a happy boy that he sings, laughs, jumps, dances cheerfully throughout the day. And because he is super active he gets hungry fast . His favorite lines, "I'm hungry", so we call him Juan the hungry boy.

One day, we saw a sign that says 'Hungry Juan'. We were all laughing as we told Juan, "now there's a business named after you".

At Blogapalooza, I got to talk with Hungry Juan's Marketing executive and told him about the above story.  I also asked him about Hungry Juan's franchise business. I'm now reviewing details and informations about it. Who knows I might have my own Hungry Juan by next year and have my son model Juan model the for the kiosk.

About Hungry Juan:

•Hungry Juan offers tasty and affordable chicken and meat–based meals and snacks to consumers on-the-go

•Hungry Juan is Best Flavor, Best Value and made from Magnolia Chicken and Monterey Meats guaranteeing Safe Chicken and Meat products that nourish.
•“Hungry Juan : Busog ka sa Sarap!"


  1. You are so adorable Juan. Tita nuts miss you na. Next time, I'l bring eclair for you. I know you like it.


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