December 11, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday: We All Have a Purpose

Our car's tire exploded on our way to Josh Furniture last week. John immediately parked the car on the side street when a man in red approached us...

Kuya in red: Sir, ano nangyari?
John:  Sumabog ang gulong.
Kuya in red: Tulungan ko na po kayo.
John: Ah, sige po. 
Me: Matagal na po ba kayong mekaniko?
Kuya in red: Hindi po, tambay lang. Pa minsan minsan nagpipintura pag may nangangailangan.

Kuya in red even called his older brother in red to help us.

Why write about this? You see, if Kuya in red was not there it would be difficult for us because the vulcanizing shop was quite far from where the tire exploded. Kaya nga, ang lahat ng tao ay may purpose sa buhay. Kuya was there where and when we needed him most, di lang sya basta tambay. Nagpipintura din naman sya pag may nangangailangan.

Kaya sa susunod na makita mo ang kinaiinisan mong tao, isipin mo na lang, yan ang purpose nya sa buhay, ang inisin ka, hehehe...

Ikaw, anong purpose mo sa buhay?

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Brothers in red - Julius and Joey Paredes

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