December 4, 2013

Wonderful Wednesdays: Looking at the Bright Side

The couch is gone. The ref is out and so is the double deck bed with pull-out. We've sold them all because John wants everything new when we move in to our new place. 

I'm having difficulty in the morning as I try to reach and open the ref. Its not there, right!  In the afternoon, I feel so lost because the couch where I used to spend my power nap left me longing for its comfort. I'm also having difficulty at night because I have to lay the foam before sleeping as compared when all I have to do was jump on the bed.

Looking at the bright side of this situation, it's good that the ref is gone because it'll lower our electricity bill for the next month. We also no longer buy so many food in the grocery these days, getting only the basic necessities like rice, coffee, cereal, coffee, bread, coffee, milk, coffee, sugar, did I mention coffee already? And because of this we've cut the grocery expenses into half.

Because my beloved couch isn't where it used to be, instead of sitting and lying down, I spend my afternoon fixing the closets, blogging and talking to my friends on the phone while standing. What's nice about standing is that it actually burns calories without you knowing it. My friends are asking what exercise I'm in right now. Well, I said, "the no couch exercise". They'd ask, "is it easy?". I'd reply, "oh yeah, very easy. All you have to do is sell your couch and do things standing".

At night because the bed is out, and there are just 2 big foams lying on the floor, it's very easy for me now to reach for my husband when the kids are already asleep. Hmmm, the next lines of the story is deleted to protect my young readers. My children's classmates are subscribed to this blog, lol!

The point of this post - we all battle pain, difficulty, sorrow and all sorts of problem. It's how you look at the situation that matters. You always have a choice to be joyful or not. 

Have a wonderful Wednesday to all!

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