January 23, 2014

Life Without A Ref

We thought we could move in in our house in UK by the third week of November 2013 (well, that was the promise given by the contractor!!!) so we immediately sold our refrigerator at a giveaway prize. We wanted a new one for the new house. A bigger one where we can keep food, food and more food!
Unfortunately, up until now we're still here in our old place.

In the first week without a ref, I had a hard time and was secretly fuming mad with my husband for it was his idea to sell the ref that fast. In the second week without a ref, we decided to use Coleman. But it was totally different having a ref, where you can open and close and open whenever you need something.

When the electricity bill arrived after 3 weeks, I had a change of heart. I was happy having no ref. From the usual P6,500+, I saw P5,500! Nice!

On the next month, I was way happier - from  P5,500 we now have a bill of P2,900! Whoa! 

Plus, our expenses for the grocery was cut in half because we couldn't buy ice cream, chocolates and cold cuts. And the best part, my kids didn't suffer from tonsillitis, colds and cough since the first day of no ref.  

"Here's the thing that I think about life - 
if you manage to get into a space where you don't need that much, 
where the overhead of your life is not that great 
and you're pretty happy and relaxed without that much stuff, 
you are really liberated because you never have to say yes
to something because you want another refrigerator or car!"
-Brit Marling


  1. This is one of the fuel in life that everybody should understand to make life a smooth sailing! Two thumbs up for this post. Think about a lot of benefits from here and look what this experience gave you.. and now and in few days time.. you'll appreciate more what you got.. say hello to your 100k bigger, better and ice spaceous keeper. Just as excited as you.. expect me to knock at your door when I need some cold cold ice..

    Now, let's get more space in life for some breathing. Don't you just love a life without a mess?

    And a life with small bill?

    And no tonsilitis..

    Haha.. and counting...

    1. it's the same feeling when you let loose of people you actually don't need in life...


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