January 22, 2014

The Fun In Playing Boggle

Boggle is a fun game that makes you think and gets your energy going.  Playing Boggle is our favorite family time. My kids and I love Boggle. My husband love Boggle too but we do not include him when we play, his vocabulary is way, way ahead that if he joins no one else will ever win.

Why Boggle is fun?
1. It is not a boring game. Boggle play changes each round as the Boggle cubes reveal different combinations of letters.
2. Boggle's timed nature keeps players geared up and energetic. I don't suggest playing Boggle at night time because it keeps the kids awake after each game. 
3. We get to learn the meaning of words that others know by looking at the dictionary.
4. Playing Boggle provides that tangible quality time for the whole family
5. Boggle provides laughter and opportunity to hang out with family and friends.
6. Exercises the players brain to think faster and be more creative.
7. Boggle is highly portable, it's easy to bring anywhere.
8. Strongly challenge and widen the vocabulary.

In addition, Boggle is light and easy to carry during out-of-town trips.


  1. Okay, enough said. give credit to John the Mr. Intelligent because you, you got your own title.. the Miss Beautiful and PP, You know right?

    1. I serve a different purpose...alam mo na kung ano yun! bring joy...hehhee

  2. P.S and let's challenge your husband to this game, John, versus us (You and me combined), ahaha..

    1. naku, kahit 5 pa tayo di tayo mananalo kay john!


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