April 23, 2014

Dad's Hot Chocolate

If there's one trait I like most about my husband is that he is funny. He makes us laugh so hard! He also cooks well.  Julia, Rafael and Juan love their Dad's hot chocolate so I asked him to be my guest last night. We were surprised when he came as a French Chef. He sometimes pretend to be German, Indian, and others.

"The secret to humor is surprise."
 - Aristotle


  1. hahaha.... ang halakhak ko talaga....when I saw this post I was thinking na sini served ng DAD's kamayan kasi ang bagal mag loading. galing ng bagong chef ha...

    1. di na nga ako naka singit kasi sinolo nya talaga ang pag host sa vlog ko!

  2. Sorry ka na lang pag nagumpisa Vlog si Chef john! Galing! Go go Chef John! Next time, please put the apron and all. Nahiya na tuloy ako mag guest, lol. Diko matatapatan ang galing eh. :)


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