May 3, 2014

How to Remove Adhesive on Wine Bottles

Reusing wine bottles does not only save money. There are actually many creative uses of wine bottles.  In my case, I'll be using these wine bottles for drinking water  the way I see them in Italian restaurants.

You think reusing wine bottles is that easy? Not. It all starts with  removing the label. I first used the soap-and-water soak technique. The last 2 weeks were futile because the adhesive is still intact on the bottle. 

I tried my luck using cooking oil-scrub technique, and yes it works better.

What you need:  Wine bottle, sponge, oil, water and dish washing liquid.

 Step 1: Peel off the label

Step 2: If you're having difficulty peeling off the label, 
ask you kid (kids) to help you (wink, wink!)

 Step 3: Using sponge, scrub oil all over the remaining adhesive

How to Remove Adhesive on Bottles

Step 4: Soap the bottle
How to Remove Adhesive on Bottles

Step 5: Rinse with water

How to Remove Adhesive on Bottles

How to Remove Adhesive on Bottles

How to Remove Adhesive on Bottles
From wine bottles to water bottles. They're now happily sitting inside the ref


  1. i reuse bottles too ;) heheheh cheers! some are vase some are decor some were storage ;))) i usually soak them with warm water and soap...never tried oil but i have idea now if ever i need to ;)

    1. Hi Jes! It's nice reusing bottles, hirap lang talaga alisin ng adhesive. Now, with oil, I find it easier. Cheers!


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