May 23, 2014

Rediscovering Quezon Memorial Circle

I used to be a resident of Quezon City.  I also worked for Quezon City hall for 2 years. For twenty plus years living there, I probably visited The Quezon Memorial Circle for just a couple of times. Most of those visits was just to eat at Max's.

Rafael and Julia recently learned how to bike. So last Thursday, John decided to have them tested for a longer road biking. Off we went  at Quezon Memorial Circle.  Quezon Memorial Circle is a national park and a national shrine located in  Elliptical Rd, Quezon.

I was amazed at the big improvement of the place! They now have meeting, conference and sports venues,  covered courts and stage, and tropical and meditation gardens.

This park is a fitting place for families to bike together, play badminton, have picnic, exercise or plainly to relax.  The dense presence of trees make the humid weather tolerable even in the afternoon.  

Spending a day here is so affordable. Parking fee is just P15. If you wish to really save money, bring pack lunch or go at Ces Garden Cuisine for an eat all you can breakfast during weekends, for only P129 (adult) and P99 (kids).

Ample parking at P15, flat rate

Or you can choose to dine in at Max's Restaurant

Because we enjoyed our first day, we went back the next day. I found that there were more to this place than trees. I met some people and interviewed them.

Red and his mom, Rio, visits this park for that special bonding on the playground

Ms. Nel Villoria of Caloocan, exercises at Quezon Memorial Park twice a week.

Join Zumba from 6AM TO 8AM, Monday to Sunday, for P20 only.

If you don't want to shell out P20, you can still join the Zumba outside the garden

Jog, run, walk, brisk walk for free

Learn Muay Thai under Instructor Boyet Luna for only P200 for unlimited time/day

Eat dirty ice cream for as low as P10 for three scoops

For the third straight day, went back again last Saturday, now with Nora, Maizi and Jill. 

On an ordinary day, when there are no special events there, there weren't too many people at the park. On a weekend, there are tiangges and more food booths.

We played badminton

and had ice cream.

What's great about rediscovering Quezon Memorial Circle? It's always Christmas here (wink!).

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  1. It wasn't my first time either at the circle. I was a resident of National Kidney Institute which is just a few steps away from the park. OOh those times, I didn't know we already bumped at each other that time. Fate had its way for us. Haha. emo?
    what's the score nga at badminton. We beat them right? haha. What an angle? Wrong outfit for the right place. Haha.
    It was terribly hot that day but the bountiful trees were enough to cover us. It was fun, really fun two days of bonding time. I hope we do this often and I hope I have the push to go at the park. ahaha.


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