May 9, 2014

Saved by the Books of Buddha

I easily get lost in places that are crowded, and eskenitas (small streets) that requires a lot of turning left and right. One place that I can't get used to is Divisoria. Although I've visited the place a couple of times (with the help of friends), I still have apprehensions visiting Divi. 

Last week, I was invited by RJ Ledesma for Bloggers Tour at Lucky Chinatown. Since I grew up with Joey, the character RJ played in Royal soda commercial, I make it a point to support RJ's events.

Having Chinese blood myself, the tour reconnected me to my roots and brought back memories of Chinese culture and its delectable cuisine but I wasn't able to finish the last two stops of the tour because I had to go back home for my kids music class.

As I waited for my ride, 3 women squeezed me. I didn't exactly know what happened until I found my bag's outside pocket opened. My celphone was gone! 

When I reached home, I found that my bag was slashed through and through.  I felt bad and sad. When I checked inside the bag, I found my celphone, my camera, other gadgets and money safely hidden inside the books. Oh my goodness, I was saved by the books of Buddha! 

These books were being given for free at Miao De Temple.  I didn't actually get the books when we were told we can get it for free for I didn't want to carry too much stuff on the way back home. Lyn got the books for her, Nora and I to bring home and read. 

If not for Lyn and the books of Buddha,  I probably lost those valuables and I wouldn't have been saved  from that unfortunate event.

You don't necessarily have to be a Buddhist or convert to Buddhism when you read these books. The books above are designed and published with the aim of disseminating the teachings of Buddhas wisdom, compassion, and all other virtues to be a good person whether your a Catholic, Christian, Iglesia ni Cristo or Muslim.

On your next visit to Divisoria, be not afraid but be wary. Don't forget to visit Miao De Temple at Lucky Chinatown, where you may light incense and say your intentions.  

"We are shaped by our thoughts; 
we become what we think. 
When the mind is pure,
joy follows like a shadow that never leaves."

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  1. If you sum up the day, you are still very lucky because nothing happened sa yo at wala nakuha. You're saved and blessed afterall. Could you imagine three women tried to rob you. That Kipling bag which is worth like $$$ needs some cleansing or what is that process nga ba? yung parang crystal jar where you will put the things to remove negativities? :)


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