July 23, 2014

J.Co Experience

This post has been in the draft for a year now.  The photos were taken on our first and last  J.Co experience at Megamall. 

Remember when everyone were crazy lining up just to taste a J.Co donut? We didn't do that. We waited until there weren't too many curious customers any more.

My verdict: I like J.Co because it's not too sweet unlike its competitors. I specifically like the one with almonds on the top.

Hubby's and kids verdict: They still prefer Krispy Kreme. Well, they have sweet tooth.

Although I like J. Co's donut, I didn't like my first experience with them because the restroom was out of order. 

I also didn't like the fact that J.Co's staff were just talking instead of fast tracking our orders.

John didn't like his first experience at J.CO as a whole, buti na lang they were selling coffee mugs. We bought one to add to my husband's collection.

"Don't miss the donut by looking through the hole."

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