September 29, 2014

Fight Depression

It's 3:09 in the morning. My chinky eyes are wide-open. I can't sleep. I've just finished chatting with a friend. I'm concerned. She's having depression. I call depression D. I know the feeling when D hits. I feel it every now and then. I don't welcome D but it pops like a thief at night. Maybe it comes with age. Studies say that women between 40 to 60 manifests some, if not all, forms of depression. Others feel depress because of their unhappy situation they are in. Mine is different. I have a happy life, great husband and kids. My depression is caused by hormonal imbalance due to thyroid problem.  

My first battle with depression was in 2000. John and I were recently married. I didn't know back then that I have hormonal imbalance. I was feeling sick and was thinking I have diabetes. I was confined at Makati Medical Center for 4 days. The doctor said, I'm alright. That all tests are normal. Dr. Litonjua even joked to John, "e gusto ka lang ata masolo!".  We didn't know it was already depression. The doctor didn't know either.

My second battle with depression was in 2001. I was crying for no reason. Got mad easily. I took around 2 sleeping tablets. I didn't want to wake up. Had series of lab tests, then I was diagnosed with hormonal imbalance.

My third battle with depression was in 2002. I recently gave birth to the twins. They were about 2 months. I was basically happy having the twins since we waited to have kids for years. One day, hormonal imbalance kicked in and caused me to have depression big time! I took more than 5 sleeping feels,. I can't remember the exact number. I locked myself inside the room. John and the nannies were worried for I didn't eat for 2 straight days. I'm lucky to have a supportive and understanding spouse who understand my case.

I've battled 3 major moments with depression. Nothing of that scence any more but from time to time, I feel that D wants to take over again. I fight depression before it can ruin my joyful life. Here's how...

1. I have a routine. I clean our two bathrooms. Kaya ang banyo namin ang pinakamalinis na parte ng bahay. Kung pwede nga lang pati bathroom ng kapitbahay lilinisin ko din, hehehe!

2. I exercise. Exercise boosts feel-good chemicals called endorphins. Syempre dahil depress, ang hirap ibangon ng sarili para mag ehersisyo but I tell myself, "exercise na, tanggal depression na, se-sexy ka pa!"

3. I eat lots of fruits, vegetables and health  foods like those rich with omega-3 fatty acids. Ang sarap kaya ng crabstick sandwich at tuna pandesal ko!

4. I window shop for clothes. Walking along the air-conditioned lobby of malls makes depression vanish.  At nag burn pa ko ng calories, which in turn makes me sexy! Plus, I get ideas on how to mix and match my clothes.

5.  I visit friends and people I love. Drop by their homes or offices. Bring them foods (parang Vhong Navarro lang!), coffee, an apple or two. Pag walang budget, dinadaldal ko lang sila. Talking burns calories. Sesexy ka dun.

6. I sleep a lot. At dahil tulog ako ng tulog, di hindi ako nakakain. Sumeksi na naman ako!

Wala ako sa picture, sa ilalim ako ng kama natutulog, hehehe.

7.  I take husband's responsibilities. We send and pick up our kids to school. My husband drives while I'm the navigator. When depression starts to kick in, I drive and ask John to stay home, relax and enjoy his collection. Happy husband na, nag burn na naman ako ng calories sa pag drive. Papa sexy na ng papa sexy!

8. I do volunteer works and outreach activities. Doing something for someone lifts my soul, my spirit.

9. I do arts and crafts with my children. Naalis na ang inis, nakagawa pa ng mga bagay na di na kailangan pang bilhin. Nakatipid!

10. I try new things.

Guest reviewer at PopTalk last year

11. I send gifts to random people.

12. I watch funny movies and shows like Eat Bulaga,

13. I tell jokes, even if my kids and husband, say I'm corny.

14. I blog. Hoping to make a reader or two smile and help alleviate their own depressive mood.

15. I do pleasurable activities with my husband like facial treatments and massages. At yung huli di ko na sasabihin kasi Rated SPG (Maaaring may maseselang tema na hindi angkop sa mga batang nagbabasa ng blog na ito).

You see, we all have problems. Iba iba nga lang ang gravity. But you have a choice. It all depends on you, whether you want to stay in that depressing state or not. There's a lot you can do on your own to fight back depression. Do not allow depression to strip away the structure happiness from your life. If the above mentioned activities does not appeal to you, find something that will help you relax. If everything seems black and nothing seems to go right, talk to a friend or better go ahead and be not ashamed to seek medical attention.

If you know someone who's battling depression, help and intervene. Depression can lead to suicide as what happened to comedian, Robin Williams.


  1. Admitting that one has depression and had been battling it for years is such a brave and admirable thing. What you said was true especially on how an act of random kindness lessen such burden and sadness that a lot of people do not understand.

    Now I know why I have been drawn to this blog. I may accidentally stumbled upon your posts but there is always this longing to read them because they are full of positivity and spontaneity as well. As what they all say, the heart of every post is being real and thank you for sharing it with us every time you write.

    1. Thanks, Sarah. I'm looking forward to seeing you. Kape na!!!


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