September 24, 2014

When in Makati

Wednesday is coding day - no car day.  If I have events to attend on a Wednesday, I take a cab. If I have errands to do, I'll push my 'tipid' mode button and ride public utility vehicles. 

Last Wednesday's destination, the famous Makati City for its 2.1 billion parking by the Binays. Going to Makati has always been a  happy place for me because most of my friends' work there. I make the most of my time when in Makati by visiting my friends and paying bills.

From my place, I rode a jeep going to Makati but I didn't know which jeep to take going to Sun Life in Paseo. Buti na lang this nice young lady helped me find my way. Ivy is now my FB friend! 

After paying my insurance I met Marty and Kooky at CoffeeBean,
Greenbelt for a very important heart-to-heart talk.

From Greenbelt, I didn't know how to get to Rada Street. Buti na lang mabait ang napagtanungan ko. Julliene and I walked together 'til I reached Ace Building.  

From Rada, I had to ask Kuya Guard the way to Makati Med.

I surprised my friend, mare, ex-officemate - Madam Rosa, a.k.a. Rose, at Makati Med.

For my last stop, I never fail to visit Cel. Even if she's too busy 
iniistobo ko sya kahit sandali lamang. We just have to talk 3 times faster nga lang 
to catch up because she has only 5 minutes to spare.

"I've been helped by acts of kindness from strangers. 
That's why we're here, after all, to help others."
― Carol Burnett

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  1. random realities of life!! Real happiness comes in the most simple and unexpected package. Truly worth cherishing!


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