November 27, 2014

P5 Concept

Learned a new way to earn while buying the products you need at P5 Concept last week. P5 Concept  Marketing, Inc. is a 100% Filipino owned corporation engaged in the distribution of various products, from home, health and beauty. I went to their office in Quezon City but if you Google you will be directed at Unit 6, 2nd Floor, Mclane Centre, National Highway, San Antonio, San Pedro. 

The idea of this company is great, to help others, but this isn't the kind of business for me. If you want to know more about this company: Phone: (+632) 553 6819. Email:;

Officers of P5
This event was a hit to me because I got to see two FPJs:

Co-blogger, Florencio Jusay who's better known in the blogging world as FPJ - his initials. And FPJ impersonator, whom I first met at Rise and Shine.

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