November 23, 2014

Teriyaki Boy Unveils New Look

It used to be just black. That's how I remember Teriyaki Boy - Tokyo inspired Ramen House. The popular Japanese casual dining restaurant, who's always been known for authentic yet affordable Japanese cuisine, has recently been acquired by Max's Group, Inc. (yes, the company that serves the best chicken in the country).

With the proliferation of Japanese restaurants in the Philippines, MGI is making sure that Teriyaki Boy will still be up on its game by unveiling it's new look at its flagship store, Teriyaki Boy Glorietta. Other branches soon to follow the new design.

I was privilege to have been invited to feel the ambiance, and of course to partake the sumptuous Japanese food that Teriyaki Boy has been serving for the past 13 years. The first difference I noticed is the logo. It now feature an icon of a boy with a headband in a shape that is reminiscent of the elegant forms of Japanese calligraphy.

Wood is part of my house interior so Teriyaki Boy's seamless use of wood was a feast to my eyes! I particularly like the long table where family, friends and peers can enjoy eating while talking.

Though I cannot comprehend what's written on the ceiling, 
its vibrant mix of colors brings those happy thoughts. 

I wondered if they'll change the recipe but MGI has not strayed from the signature chicken teriyaki, it's still grilled to perfection and topped with a savory sauce that is distinctly Teriyaki Boy and one of the best in town!


Under MGI, I'm pretty sure Teriyaki Boy will go through upgrading of not just the products but more so with the service to build a better, happier and yummier dining experience. 

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