December 27, 2014

Camsur Water Sports Complex Review

The CamSur Watersports Complex was supposed to be the first stop for our Bicol trip. It turned into second because we needed to doze off at Flamingo Hotel for John was tired from driving straight from Manila. It is located within the Provincial Capitol Complex, Cadlan, Pili, Camarines Sur. When you go to Bicol don't miss this six (6)-hectare, world-class watersports complex. And don't just take photos, enjoy the different water sports they offer, namely waveskating, kneeskating, waterskiing and wakeboarding.

For only P165 per hour, you get free use of basic equipment (beginner wakeboards), free basic and safety instruction by CWCs resident instructors and operators, world class obstacle courses designed to challenge even the most advanced riders yet safe enough for the brave ones who dare to try tricks for the very first time,  like what John, Julia and Rafel did.

Besides the ramps and obstacles, the park has also set aside a beach volleyball area and a pool for those who would not dare ride the boards.

A Clubhouse is built for the guest’s dining area and for live entertainment. Guests can also chill at the Clubhouse and enjoy round of billiards, darts and football.

The park also boasts of Wi-Fi capability which enables those who can't live without Facebook and other social networking sites (like me, lol!).

Accommodations are walking distance from the park, just be sure to book in advance during peak season. We were lucky that most people went to Baguio, so even if we were walk-ins we got a room to stay for the night.

We were actually planning to stay in a hotel outside of Camsur but the kids love the inviting wood cabins. Julia said it's so cute like a play house. She actually wanted us to build one at home so they can play with it, hahaha!

We stayed in a small cabin for Php 1,850.00 per night (2 persons). It has 1 Queen Size Bed, 1 Living Room with Queen Size Sofa Bed, 2 units split type Air Conditioner, Hot & Cold shower and  intercom. Basic toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothbrush) are not included. Breakfast is also not included. Even a cup of hot water is not available. Well, it's available but you have to pay P10 (ten pesos) per cup! If you plan to stay here, and you can't live without coffee or hot chocolate, bring your electric kettle. Swimming Pool available in CWC is not included in room accommodation. Separate charge applies.


The service by the ladies in the front office turned out bad. Their faces showed irritation as I asked questions about the different accommodations. When I called from the cabin, she put the phone down while I was still talking.

Camsur Water Sports Complex is government-owned but it should not be the reason why the service can't be that well. CWC brings in tourists from here and abroad, and that means, it brings in money to CamSur. I just hope that the government will enhance the kind of service that guests, who traveled far, they deserve.

Special commendation goes to Arnold, Restaurant Supervisor, for patiently answering my queries on why a hot water will be charged P10 per cup. Also, a big thanks to Aaron, Front Office, for booking us at Gota Village Resort in Caramoan Island.

Although there are plenty of repairs to be done inside the complex, Camsur Water Sports Complex is a must visit when in Bicol. The staff told us that they were hit badly by the recent typhoons, hence the unpleasant sights here and there.

Camsur Water Sports Complex will be the venue for next triathlon in June so they're renovating the place in preparation for the said event. It's best to visit starting July because you will not see the se unsightly view...

If you're in a tight budget but plans to visit Camsur Water Sports Complex soon...
This accommodation is  just outside the gate of CWC. 
It's good for backpackers. Rates are from 300 to 700 only.

Camsur Water Sports Complex Contact Info:

Address: Provincial Capitol Complex Cadlan, Pili, Camarines Sur, Philippines
Phone: (054) 477 3344 & (054) 477 3349
Fax: (054) 477 3347
Mobile: +63 917 895 4156 & +63 999 889 3697

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