December 26, 2014

Flamingo Hotel Review

Having an on-the-go family meant that I have to use all my senses, as well as intuition, work triple time to catch up with our fast lifestyle.  Our Bicol adventure wasn't planned so we didn't know what to expect along the way.  We left Manila around 1pm hoping to reach CWC around 8pm. Unfortunately, we reached Naga around 2am due to heavy rain and road constructions along the stretch of Quezon province and Bicol.

Along the roads, we've spotted many inns but I just couldn't say yes to any of them. I knew that John was so tired from driving so when we saw Flamingo Hotel on the right side of the road, I went down and quickly checked the rates and the available rooms.

Since we will only be staying for 5 hours, I booked the cheapest, DLuxe Single.
At P1,350, with breakfast for two, pwede na!

Upon settling in the room, the first thing I asked is for is an electric kettle. They didn't have but they were kind enough to let us borrow their kitchen thermos so we can have our own coffee in the room and the kids can drink their hot Swiss Miss. 

My favorite part of the house and in hotels, the bathroom.  Flamingo's bathroom didn't pass my standards but at least they have hot and cold shower. They also provided 2 toothbrush with 2 sachets of toothpaste (good for 2 use only), 2 very thin soap (good for at least four use) and two towels.

It's good that they sell these stuff, we didn't have to run to the nearest convenience store.

Few exercise machines are available under the stairs that my kids enjoyed 
while waiting for our breakfast.

The hallway.


Breakfast for two is incuded in the overnight, so we only ordered for the kids.  Breakfast meal ranges from P150 and above. The serving is small for our standards.

What I had: Daing na Bangus with sunny side up egg. The bangus didn't taste taht well, plus the egg didn't look sunny side anymore.

 Julia and Rafael each orderd beef tapa. They both liked the tapa but as they said, "it's too konti".

John ordered smoked bangus. He enjoyed his meal, specially liked the garlic rice. 
Again, look at how small the smoked bangus.

Juancho, as always, wants soup and rice. He said that it's Knorr Corn Soup. 
He can tell if the soup is cooked from scratch or an instant one.

There's a certain kind of old smell in this place but all in all Flamingo Hotel is clean, except that they're doing a renovation in front so it's a bit dusty on the parking area up to the main door. Flamingo Hotel is an ideal spot for families like us who just needed a place to doze off for a while. We spent P3,300 for the accommodation and the food. 

Their other services include 24hr room service, restaurant, free wi-fi, daily newspaper, laundry, free parking, meeting facilities.

Contact Information

Address : Maharlika Highway, Concepcion Pequena, Naga City, Cam Sur
Email :
Phone : +6354 4753290-92

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