January 21, 2015

Biggs Diner

Our trip to Bicol was planned in less than an hour so I had no time to check out which restaurant is popular in that area. From CWC I FB messaged Lea Bongalonta, a former officemate in Bayantel, the places we must visit in Naga. Lea suggested churches, falls and Biggs Restaurant. While touring the province, we've seen more than 5 Biggs Diner but we didn't eat. On our way back to Manila, we got a wrong turn so the kids asked if we can eat first. Rafael suggested, "how about Biggs, mom?". I replied, "for as long as there's one along the way. If not, we'll eat somewhere".

We had another wrong turn. Luckily there's one Biggs Diner where we actually had a wrong turn! We were meant to try the biggest food chain in Bicol after all.

My family liked Biggs scrumptious dishes and American diner ambience. Plus the "kapuri-puring customer service from the manager. We ordered five breakfast meals, coffee is included in each meal. I asked if she can replace the three coffee for juice for the kids. Andaling kausap, no ifs and buts!

Being inside Bigg's is not only a gastronomical treat but a feast for the eyes as well. Old stuff are hanged on the walls like typwriter, vintage toy cars, skateboards and many more.

We love their paper place mats. We asked to take home a few pieces.

Bigg's Diner is a 50's inspired diner, located right in the heart of Naga City. It  was established in 1983 three friends who wanted to give running a food business a shot, namely Nene Bichara, Nienie Buenaflor, and Maricar Manjon.

The manager told me that it was first named Mang Donald’sA on January 18, 1983.  On September 13, 1990 they had to change the name Carl’s Diner when McDonal's filed legal rights.

By October 21, 1994, Carl’s Diner became Bigg’s Diner as a reflection of the business growth. Bigg’s Diner at present is a major Bicolano success, being known as the best food chain in Bicol but also as a popular catering service.

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