January 17, 2015

Sopas de Malunggay ni Nanay

I don't cook as often as other stay at-home-moms. But when I cook I make sure it's nutritious and filled with so much L-O-V-E.

Tonight's menu, dahil malamig at nakakatamad kumilos, Sopas de Malunggay ni Nanay served with boiled egg on the side, este, middle pala.

It's so easy to cook. Boil the egg. Set aside. Boil water, then add pork cubes (depending on how salty you want it). Add macaroni. When mac's al dente, add milk and malunggay. 

This sopas de malunggay ni nanay is filling, helps with my no rice diet.

Juancho wants this served with rice

Julia preferred to eat it with pandesal

Rafael's choice

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