April 20, 2015

Missing Malaya

Malaya means free in the Philippines. Malaya is the street where we used to live.  We stayed there for almost 12 years. I'm missing Malaya as of this writing. 

I miss this tree at the intersection.
I miss the Gavino's Thai bamboo that grow so fast and leaves its traces everywhere.
I miss this Santan where we get flowers every time there's flower offering in my kids' school.
I miss this twin fortune plants which reminds me of Julia and Rafael.
I miss this big tree that shades us on hot summer days.
I also miss our neighbor's big house which serves as a beautiful background for my OOTD
I miss Lola Fe and her house.
I miss the sidewalk where my kids play freely.
Mostl of all, I miss the people we've come to love and considered family...

Ate Gilda

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