June 24, 2015

How to Play Uno Stacko

UNO Stacko is one of the many toys I keep because it's such an entertaining game for all ages. My husband bought this Uno Stacko more than 12 years ago. We were still just sweethearts when we had it. Now that we have kids, Uno Stacko continuously serves it purpose for Julia, Rafael, Juan and their cousins and friends who drop by.

How to play Uno Stacko:

Uno Stacko is played in a similar fashion to Jenga. There are 45 Uno Stacko blocks in each set, typically made of plastic and are colored red, yellow, green, and blue. Earlier versions of the game have the blocks numbered 1 to 4, while later versions added blocks bearing the Draw Two, Reverse, and Skip symbols. Later versions also include purple Wild blocks, which serve the same purpose as the Wild and Wild Draw Four cards in the parent game. Unlike Jenga blocks however, they look like hollow girders, making the tower more unstable as the game progresses. The earlier versions of Uno Stacko include a die, called the Uno Cube, the faces of which bear the following: Red 1, Blue 2, Green 3, Yellow 4, Reverse,  Draw Two. Players roll the Uno Cube to determine the moves they each make. When a colored number turns up, the player pulls a block having the same color or number as the side indicated. For instance, if a player rolls Yellow 4, the player must pull a block which is either yellow or bears the number 4. When "Reverse" turns up, the direction of play is reversed. "Draw Two" forces the player to pull any two blocks and place them on the top of the tower.
(Source: Wikipedia)

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