June 6, 2015

Mrs. Jacinta Olarte - Doll Collector

Marriage requires for husband and wife to have a give and take relationship. I'm not a toy collector but my husband is, so every time there's toy convention and events I give in to accompany my husband and kids.

A couple of months ago, as John and the kids roamed around TagCom, I met an interesting woman carrying a big doll. The curious cat in me couldn't help but talk to Mrs. Jacinta Olarte. I interviewed her a little, and she even invited her to visit her and her family in their rest house in Tagaytay to see more of her "babies", as well as her daughter's collection.


Creamy Olarte, a toy collector just like her mom.

Mrs. Olarte, Mr. Olarte, their kids and grandchildren welcomed us warmly in their house. This is one of those experiences I thank my blog because I get to meet wonderful people like the Olarte family.


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  1. Hi Joy, thank you and we all saw it and wait till we get back on July till we met again :)


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