October 19, 2015

Art Maki and Creative Bento Box Workshop with Jannet Salazar

I have 3 events earlier today, plus two meetings for upcoming elementary and high school reunions. Adding to that busy schedule is Typhoon Lando. Oh, not to forget that my car isn't available. I have to let go of the other commitments but against all odds I still went through Art Maki and Creative Bento Box with Jannet Salazar held at The Baker Next Door in Visayas Avenue, Tandang Sora, Quezon City.

All the efforts of riding the jeep, mrt, a jeep, and another jeep was all worth it because I got to learn and create beautiful and delicious bento and art maki for my family.

Alvin Salazar, Jannet's husband, happily assisted her during the workshop
With P1,800 fee, which includes ingredients, venue and workshop fee, it's so worth it! Plus, you get to eat or bring home everything on your plate!

Sisters-in-law Geralin and Janice Ferrer, who came all the way from Dagupan!
Rizalina Chan, mom of 4 girks, from Manila made the best art maki among us all!

Why so serious? Well, it's my first time to do maki, not just maki but an art maki, that's why!

For my Halloween entry, The Punisher.

For creative freehand bento, I made The Three Pandas. One is made of hard-boiled egg,
and the other two are from pressed Japanese rice

  Tune in for the next Art Maki and Creative Bento Box Workshop with Jannet Salazar.
Don't worry, I'll keep you updated via this blog.

For more details, call 788.7335 or 0922.8177387

(View more photos HERE)

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