October 8, 2015

Main Attraction at Mama's 65th Birthday

My mom-in-law and have the kind of relationship much like a real mom and daughter. John and I became sweethearts in 1993, five months after my mom passed away. My  mom-in-law, whom we simply and lovingly call Mama, accepted me as her real daughter.

Mama didn't want to have an extravagant celebration for her 65th birthday, so we just had simple dinner at home with family and few relatives who made it even with a short notice (4 hours notice to be exact).

Nothing really special for the night. I cooked kare-kare, Mama cooked sotanghon, menudo, and embutido. Ate Gaye brought cake and barbeque. Rexy and Ate Jo brought cakes too.

Mama with Ate Gaye. Mama has 3 daughters. Ate Peth and Ate Manet are both based in USA.

The main attraction at Mama's 65th Birthday wasn't me of course (lol); not even the birthday celebrator. It was this jar I bought 2 days prior to Mama's birthday. I find it very cute and practical because we didn't have to repeatedly open the ref to get iced tea because it can hold 8 liters of liquid.

I paired the jar with used bottles from spread we love, and the effect is really cute!

I bought it for P1,000 only. 
This jar may be sold at a  lower price depending on what mall you're going to buy,

Rexy and Kuya Mark

"I love my mother-in-law,
She accepted me like her own biological daughter.
She came at a time when I was mourning the lost of my mom"
-Joy Mendiola
October 8, 2015 

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