December 30, 2015

Aunt Cynthia

I have a secret. It's an open secret among my family and relatives and my close friends knew about it. I actually blogged about it last December 28, 2010 with a title Wishful Thinkinghoping that Ellen De Generes can read it. 

The secret isn't something embarrassing; it's about adoption. I was supposed to be adopted by Aunt Cynthia (my paternal grandmother's sister) and be brought in the United States of America. We've tried several times but the adoption did not materialize.

When I was a young kid, half of me was hoping I made it to Aunt Cynthia but destiny has its own course. Although happily married to a good and gorgeous man (wink, wink!), with three wonderful children, I still consider Aunt my "mother from another country".

Aunt Cynthia visits the Philippines from time to time but I did not have the chance to meet her until I got a call from Kuya Bob yesterday saying Aunt Cynthia is in the country and is inviting us for dinner. 

Out-of-town schedules were cancelled, all for the love of Aunt Cynthia.  

My kids got to meet and bless Aunt Cynthia.

The night was made more special because Papa, Tita, Kuya Bob, Ate Che, 
aunts, uncles, cousins, and distant relatives were there.

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