December 8, 2015

Parents Who Wants To Have Fun

Since I haven't been active in my twin kids' previous school, I've never been to co-parents Christmas Party for a long time. 

This year I had the honor of hosting CMSHS GPTA Christmas Party last December 4 because I'm one of the Presidents (representing my son's section 7 - Draco).

The night was full of fun, as the food and drinks, games and raffle prizes overflowed. What made this party the best is that instead of having exchange gifts, we donated the money to the students of City of Mandaluyong Science High School who were affected by the recent fire in Mandaluyong.

The theme of the party is Hawaiian so we had a little contest, a modelling contest!


The winners, Sir Francis and Ma'am Egen

Upon the suggestion of Ma'am Jewel we had a naughty game we called "Human Trip to Jerusalem".

We all laughed so hard on this part, you should try this on your next party. 

Special mention goes to Sir Chris for the photos.

The winners brought home all the eggplants, lol!

There were disagreements in the past meetings.  I'm sure there will still be different views and opinions in the future meetings, but this time we all let our hair down for this Christmas Party is for us parents, who wants to have fun.

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