January 29, 2016

8 Things to Consider Before You Color Your Hair

Nakakabata nga ba ang lighter hair? After hair coloring at #TheBarlor ... 

Juan:    Mom you look thinner and younger with your new hair color.

Me:     Oh, really? That's nice!

Juan:   Yeah, you look like 36 now.

Me:     36! That's just minus 6 of my age.

Juan:   Ok, ok, maybe around 24.

Me:    Ah, bola na yan anak!

Juan:  What, mom?

Me:    Nothin'. Let's just eat, I'm hungry.

I know the feeling when white/gray hair shows. Or maybe you just want to have a new image. Here are 8 Things to Consider Before You Color Your Hair:

1. Color can be hard on your strands so think of your hair health before doing a  dye job. It is important that you go to a trusted salon and hairstylist so you get an honest to goodness answer whether your hair can stand the chemical or not.

2.  It's important to consider how much money you are willing to spend. Ask beforehand the salon's rate for hair coloring because you do not want to be surprised when it’s time to check out.

3.  Time is of the essence when coloring the hair. Depending on the hair coloring that you require,  you might be going to the salon very regularly.

4.  Be clear of the color category that you want. Clarify exactly what you want so ou don't end up feeling mad when after the treatment.  Best thing to do is to bring in photos of what you want so you and your colorist both share your vision.

5. It's best not to wash your hair ahead of time so the hair's natural oil will protect it from damage or dryness from the grueling color process.

6. After you color your hair, you must make sure your shampoo and conditioner are made for color-treated hair. Toss out any clarifying shampoos you'd normally use, which will strip away your new color. 

7. To preserve your hair color, sun protection is a must. Wear whatever you need to do to keep your hair color under wraps, like hats, scarves, and UV-protection sprays.

8.  After you color your hair, soaking your hair in  ocean or pool water is a big no no! Salt water  and chlorine can wreak havoc and will dry out your hair.

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