January 18, 2016

Nico's 16th Birthday Celebration

Worrying is part of me being a mother. I worry a lot how my children will turn out when they're old. I worry mostly if they are with the right kind of crowd. Among my 3 kids, I worry mostly about Rafael because I see a lot of myself in him (too trusting, emotional and yes, stubborn). I want to make sure that he be friends with people who will influence him positively. With that said, I'm happy that Rafael hangs out with Nico Belasco.

Nico is one of the coolest, nicest young guy we know.
He is a writer, photographer and blogger at nicobelasco.wordpress.com.
He is the eldest son of Coach  Nic Belasco and  Mafae Yunon-Belasco. 

Knowing that seeing Nico (his siblings and Nico friends too) makes Rafael happy I cleared my schedule to accompany him at The City Club for Nico's 16th Birthday Celebration.

 First order of business was basketball (wasn't able to get photos), then swimming.

Third and last part was movie marathon

Proud, happy, involved and hands-on parents, with Moses

I knew I was merely a chaperon but I ended up staying because I liked the movies.

Happy to be seated beside the future Beauty Queen, Nicci Faith Belasco


(Video courtesy of Mafae)

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