April 2, 2016

BZ Bean Coffee Lounge

Nowadays, kids as early as 5 years old are into gadgets like celphones, tablets and the internet. Board games are almost unheard of because they find it uninteresting.  In short, most can't stand having no wi-fi. Disconnecting is impossible in this age and time.

If you want to re-connect and have a great bonding experience with friend and family, specially your children, I recommend you give BZ Bean Coffee Lounge, located at Unit 2, TSL Building, 59 E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue, Tatalon, Quezon City, a visit.

By the way, BZ Bean's name does not mean the initials of the owners. It's just a play of word for busy because when you go to BZ Bean Coffee Lounge you'll be busy eating, playing ang having fun.

Lizardo Family. It's their second time at BZ Bean. They highly recommended the place for families to try.

I have so many good things to say about this place. First, I love that this is a kid and family friendly cafe.  It's a must go to coffee lounge for all ages because they've got more than a hundred board games.  With that number of board ganes, I'm pretty sure you won't get bored at all! Aftre four hours at BZ Bean, my usually easily bored son said, "Aww, Mom, we're going home already?". Juan and all the other kids wanted to stay longer. It's just that I have a meeting to attend.

We had a similar toy like this, but smaller, back in college. This was a stress reliever.
It's a must you play this crocodile once you visit BZ Bean

BZ Bean Coffee Lounge serves great food, rice meal, pasta, coffee, desserts and more! I personally like their vegetarian pasta, cafe mocha,  and their crocodile toy (wink!wink!). Their food is affordable and yet made very special. Check out what we had...

Veggie Oglio Olio P240

Sweet Potato Croquettes P150

 Spicy Buffalo Wings P250

Potato Strips P200

Nachos P280

 Buffalo Wings P250

Carbonara P220

Croque Madamme Sandwich P160

 Ice Blended Vanilla P160 and Ice Blended Chocolate P160, 

Hazelnut Latte P160
Spicy Tofu P180

Katsudon P240
Crispy Pork Belly P230
Cafe Mocha P150
Pan-Seared Dory P280

Longanisa P250
Americano P120

Pistachio Cake P110 / Slice

Oreo Cheesecake P130 / Slice

Choco Torte P110 / Slice
We were lucky to meet the people behind this new and exciting place!

Owners - Hans Ong (in white), Franz Koo (in blue), Jasper Lim (in pink), Allan Pang and Jonathan Lee (not in photo), with Chef  Chauncey Chasiongpen and Manager Phoebe Cocuaco.

Cute cork board that displays inta-photos of guests. Love!Love!Love!

BZ Bean's friendly staff
They launched last January but is still on soft opening so business hours is 5:00 pm - 12:00 am (Monday to Friday); and 10:00 am - 12:00 am (Saturday and Sunday). They accept walk-ins, but if your coming in big groups, call in advance at +63 9778192326. Bar is not available  (they don't serve alcoholic beverage).  Their payment method is cash only.

ADDRESS: Unit 2, TSL Bldg., 59 E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave., Tatalon, Q.C.
Phone: 0977 819 2326
Email: bzbeancoffeelounge@gmail.com

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