April 6, 2016

Cheska Kramer Look-a-Like from The Face Shop

It was more than 25 years since the last time I saw my classmate Eduard Valencia so when my friend Ching Sarte messaged that Ed was home for vacation and wanted to meet us, I immediately said yes.

I arrived 2 hours early so I decided to do some window shopping when a Cheska Kramer look-a-like from The Face Shop caught my chinky eyes. 

I went in and took a closer look of her. She is indeed a Cheska Kramer look-a-like. Her eyes though resembles that of Jodie Santa Maria.

The next think I knew, Sarah was giving me a make-over. 

Before Makeover photo with sleepy looking eyes.
The Face Shop products Sarah used to beautify me.
After the makeover, fresher face, with bright-happy eyes! Thanks Sarah for making me look like this!
After the make-over, I bumped with another classmate Owie Andres, whom I last saw in 1990 after our high school graduation. He has been based in Canada for 10 years already. He just came back to celebrate his mom's 80th birthday.

With Owie Andres
And finally after hours of waiting, Ed, Ching and Grace arrived!

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