December 4, 2016

The Joy of Sharing Bubbleman with Mela Sison

I meet a lot of Marketing Managers and PRs everyday. There's this one young lady that stands out among them. She's vibrant and always with a big smile for everyone. Her bangs, oh how I envy her bangs! She is Mela Sison. Mela is one cool, happy and kind person. I'm her fan when it comes to fashion and I always look forward to her OOTDs and happy posts in FB and IG.

Mela is the Marketing Manager of Raintree Restaurants, which includes Museum Cafe, Stella, The Rocketroom, Kabila, Simple Lang, Terraz, Chelsea, Chelsea Kitchen, Momo, Mr. Jones.

What can you give to someone who already has everything? Mela can buy all the nice shoes, bags, accessories and clothes she wants. The Joy of Sharing Bubbleman with Mela Sison is important to me because I believe in these products and I believe in Mela's kindness. Bubbleman is an appropriate gift for the woman who runs the above mentioned restos, andami nilang hugasan diba!

I'm a proud shifter from a popular and expensive brand to an eco-friendly and affordable Bubbleman Dishwashing Liquid.

About Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid:

Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid is a product of Mikewell World of Household Products Company that’s available in local supermarkets nationwide. It is an eco-friendly, biodegradable product made from coconut-derived surfactants. It comes in  three (3) variants: Calamansi, Lemon and Antibac, and various sizes 270ml single is P32.50, 88oml single is P65.00, 270 ml promo pack is P55.00, 880ml promo pack is P120.00. It is safe and gentle on hands and doesn’t dry the skin; as their tagline says, "mabilis banlawan, banayad sa kamay".

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