February 27, 2017

Cavita Lipo and Thermolipolysis at Allura Body Contour and Slimming Center

After 6 sessions under Cavita Lipo and Thermolipolysis at Allura Body Contour and Slimming Center, I'm happy to annouce that I lost about 5lbs, considering I didn't restrict my diet. Had I followed a better food in take, coupled with exercise, I would have lost more calories and fats.

Thermo-lipolysis is one of the famous offerings of ALLURA as it helps clients reduce weight easily and instantly. It uses cutting-edge thermal heat and infrared technology to burn as much as 900 calories per treatment of 30 minutes. You are put inside a hi-tech "capsule," so you can literally lose weight equivalent to 3-7 km. energy expenditure of running while lying down. It actually burns as much as 900 calories per session. More than that, it increases the metabolism, reduces water retention and stimulates body circulation.

Cavita Lipo is a non-invasive treatment that uses ultra-sound technology which causes bursting (implosion) of the fat cells of the area being treated. Then it suction/vacuum probe hastens lymphatic drainage of the fat cell content (fat cells when destroyed release energy to be burned) into the blood stream.

Reasons why you must try the same treatment at ALLURA?

1.  ALLURA is composed of professionals in various aspects of medical and allied medical services like doctors, licensed nurses and physical therapist. Well trained and carefully selected, they are the ones who will carry out treatment plans that would work best for your body’s needs because they understand that everyone is unique.

2. They offer affordablepackages that will cater to your specific needs

3. ALLURA believes that body and beauty enhancements should be accessible to everyone. With a commitment and dedication to bring out the best in all their patients at really reasonable and affordable prices, they see to it that you always get more than what you pay for.

4. They offer clinically proven non-invasive solutions for fat reduction and body contouring programs using the latest approach and technologies. ALLURA takes pride in offering facilities rivalling any world class centers offering the same treatments.

For more details about Allura Body Contour & Slimming Center:
102 Richwell Bldg. Mezzanine Timog Avenue Quezon City.
Tel.No. 352-78-76/ 352-76-79
Mobile No. 09178 (ALLURA) 255872

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