June 26, 2017

Tips on How to Pull Off Oversized Styles

Even if I'm only 5'0 feet in height, I'm fond of wearing oversized clothes. If you are petite like me, Here are my tips on how to full off oversized styles:

1. Wear only one oversized item at a time. For example, if you want to wear an  oversized top balance them with slim fitting bottoms.

2.  Showing some arm, ankle, or neckline when wearing an oversized item

3. Be sure to wear petite-friendly length for an oversized coats and always keep the shirt underneath (like dress or shirt) fitted.

4.  wearing skinny jeans and a low profile t-shirt,

5.  Oversized styles may not be the most flattering on a short frame, but always remember to embrace your fashion style and wear items you enjoy.

Fashion for me is intensely personal. No one can dictate whether you look good or lousy.  So to all moms over 40 like me, enjoy and embrace your uniqe fashion sense and let no one make you feel  as though you are a trying hard model. Anyway it is not the clothes, nor the shoes and bags that will define who you are. It is your kindness, your confidence, your cheerfulness, your happy disposition, your attitude as a whole that will make your FB friends click the like button for your OOTD.  Akala nyo seryoso no! (Winking both chinky eyes).

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