October 18, 2017

Rocky and Spike Salon

I've been contemplating on changing my hairstyle but I just couldn't;t find the right salon. You see, my hair is kind of special. Well, special in a way because it's really very hard to manage so I opted on growing it long so I can tie it.

At my Kuya Virgil's 50th birthday, I liked what Ate Coy did to her hair.  Before going home met their hair stylist, Rocky  Samillano. Ate Coy recommended how good Rocky when it comes to total hair makeover.

Rocky used to be a Senior Haitstylist at David's Salon, then worked in a cruise ship at Salon Manager, until she and her partner put up their very own Rocky and Spike almost two years ago.

To cut the long story short, at 44, I have probably colored my hair 8 times but never with highlights. At  Rocky and Spike Salon, I let my unruly and dry hair have its taste of hair color with highlights by none other than the managing owner, Rocky.

This hair service will require you at least three hours. Cost depends on the length of hair and the hairstyling you need.

I'm happy with my new easy to manage and fashionable hairstyle. Thanks Rocky, you really rock!

History of  Rocky and Spike Salon

Rocky and Spike Salon
#2 Congressional Avenue, Brgy. Bahay Toro Q.C

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