January 16, 2018

Mara Smith

This is Mara Smith, one of my favorite models in the whole wide world. She may not (yet) be well-known by others at this time but for me and my family Mara has already achieved what others could just be dreaming of. Mara is now a model at L Scout Model Placement, and has travelled several countries and modelled for international brands like Calvin Kline.

Grabbed from Mara's FB Profile
I've first written about Mara when she was a 15 year old aspiring model and singer. My husband, John, was the first one to shoot Mara to help her build a portfolio. 

I first met Mara in 2009 at Grace to be Born - where she and her mom volunteered during weekends to tend to abandoned babies and pregnant moms.  I first noticed Mara's beautiful and expressive eyes, and of course her height. Her semblance to Wilma Doesnt and Tyra Banks was apparent, too.  Mara's mom, Ate Lou, and I talked for long hours about Mara's dream of becoming a model. But due to financial constraint, she can't enroll to reputable modelling schools here in Manila.

Long-story short, Mara Smith has come a long way and I'm really happy and proud of her. I will continue to support and pray for her until the time she can finally help someone as well. Mara made me happier when she took the time to meet me during her short vacation after her Milan work. May pasalunong pang Chanel perfume! I told her, gifts isn't necessary but very much appreciated.

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